Fix Water Damaged iPhone With Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea

Technology and water are not best buddies. They don’t go along together. Seeing your precious and costly iPhones plummet into the water tub, swimming pool, or washroom can be a moment of a heart attack. Many people start worrying because they think their expensive iPhones are now lost. However, that is untrue. All may not be lost because the new flagship phones can tolerate more than we can imagine. There is a possibility to recover your phone from water. Gadget Magic UK is one of the best mobile phone repair in Southend On Sea that has provided several strategies to fix the water-damaged iPhone. Let’s go through these strategies one by one. 

Is your iPhone Water Proof?

If you own a brand-new phone or bought an iPhone in recent years, you would be glad to know that your phone is water-resistant and can bear a few water dips or spilled beverages. iPhones and other electronic gadgets are certified with two IP ratings that tell you how water-resistant your product is, so you don’t panic if your phone drops in the loo. These IP ratings are IP-67 and IP-68. All the new iPhones, including iPhone 12, 13, and 14, have IP-68, and they can survive up to 30 minutes in two meters of water. You can save your device if you immediately take it out from the water because your phone might be waterproof, but it is not invincible. If there is water residual left in your phone, follow the steps given below to fix your water-damaged iPhone. 

Turn Off Your Wet Phone

If your phone has dropped into water, take it out and turn it off instantly to prevent short circuits in your iPhone. If your phone has automatically turned off, don’t be tempted to switch it back on because it will damage further just because you took a look. You must be vigilant when it comes to a water-damaged phone. Now there is a problem in this situation. If your phone is on and you want to turn it off, you’d have to press the power button and volume up button to do that, which will wake your phone even for a brief moment which will affect it. However, if your phone was on airplane mode before it fell into the water, and you are sure that you won’t get any notification for the next 24 or 48 hours, leave it like that. 

Should You Dry Your Phone With Uncooked Rice?

Rice treatment is the lucky treatment. It works for some, but for some, it doesn’t. Rice has water-absorbing properties, which absorb all the water from your phone. You must first take a dry cloth and dry out water from your phone. Try to take out as much water as possible. Don’t use a hair dryer because it will make the water travel in the sensitive components of your phone. The best mobile phone repair shop says that rice can absorb moisture quickly, so you can put your phone in a bowl full of uncooked rice and leave it for 24 hours. However, there is one issue with this method. The uncooked rice can let dirt and dust particles get into your phone, which will be difficult to clean so be warned.

Use Silica Gel

Silica gel has similar absorbent properties as rice. Using silica gel is the better option. It will not let dust and dirt enter your phone. Have you seen those mini packets in any electronic box specially shipped from humid places? Phone repair shops Southend On Sea advises that you must keep these packets around your phone. They will dry the water from your phone in less than 24 hours. 

Can you Open or Dismantle Your Phone To Dry it out?

If you are worried that there is still water inside your phone that you need to dry out, you can dismantle your phone. Many people apply DIY methods and open their phones without the knowledge of tiny components. Dismantling your phone might be easy, but rearranging all the pieces together will be difficult according to mobile phone repair service experts. It will also void the warranty, so don’t take the risk. It is better to take your phone to a repair shop and let the experts do their job. They might take out the battery and other components of your phone but in the latest phones, it is complex to remove the lithium-ion battery as it is non-removable. Therefore, it will be tricky to dry out water from the internal components. 

Final Words

If you have tried and tested every method, but your phone still has water inside it, you must book an online appointment with iPhone repair services and get them to rescue your phone. They provide premium services with original spare parts. They will dismantle your phone and dry out all the water from tiny components. 

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