PR in Australia- How to become an Australian Permanent Residence?

Are you planning to live and work in Australia? Are you eager to apply for your visa and gain permanent residency? Then you’re at the ideal place.Here is a complete about how to get PR in Australia.

People looking to migrate to Australia have long found it a popular destination. The country has a lot of positive attributes, such as a strong economy that offers greater work prospects. It also provides a higher standard of living and a peaceful, harmonious multicultural society.

The PR Visa can be applied for by immigrants in Australia. The validity of the Australian PR visa is 5 years. You can also bring your family to Australia with a PR visa. It is possible to become a citizen of Australia after three years of living in Australia with a PR visa.

Three Common ways to gain PR in Australia

Visas have different application processes and eligibility requirements.

You can choose from multiple visa options. But before applying, learn the process and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

Let’s look at the three leading pathways to obtaining PR in Australia.


  1. Permanent family-stream visas

The following individuals are eligible for PR in Australia under the family-stream category.


  • Children, dependent relatives, partners, or parents of a qualified New Zealand citizen or an Australian PR holder.
  • Adopted Children or those currently undergoing legal adoption outside of Australia.
  • Guardians who must immigrate to Australia to provide long-term care for a qualified relative.
  1. Permanent work visas

Workers working by an Australian corporation are granted work-stream permanent visas. These workers typically obtain sponsorship from the business, and the Australian job market highly values their skill set.

The different types of migrant worker visas are

  •     Employer-Sponsored Visas (subclass 186)
  •     General Skilled Migration (GSM)
  •     189 Independent Skilled Visa
  •     190 Skilled Nominated Visa,
  •     Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 187)
  1. Permanent Visa for Business or Investors

As the name implies, entrepreneurs, company owners, and investors who desire to continue their operations in Australia are given business or investor stream permanent visas. Upon becoming eligible, you can apply for

  1. Subclass 890 – Visa for business
  2. Subclass 891 – Investor visas
  3. Subclass 132 – Business Talent Visa

PR points in Australia and their eligibility

PR points in Australia are considered when granting visas for PR in Australia. Under the new system, a score of at least 65 points is required to gain PR. By the existing system, candidates receive points for factors like age, proficiency in English, and employment history. A minimum error is 65 points, thus. Getting 80–85 scores will boost a person’s chances of migrating to Australia.

For Australian PR, 65 eligibility points are required. The following information determines the maximum points for each category:

Factors Points
Age 30
English Proficiency 20
A former student in Australia 05
Educational Background 20
skills in niche education 05
Job in Australia 20
Work outside of Australia


Partner Skills 10
Others 15


The applicant must utilize the calculator for Australian immigration points. Receiving an Australian permanent residency will take 5 to 8 months after the application is submitted.

Perks of Having PR in Australia

There are numerous advantages to having a PR in Australia. Australia is a young nation with a rapidly rising population, economy, and prospects.

Here are a couple of causes why you should consider becoming a permanent resident.

  • As a permanent resident, you will be able to work full-time.
  • Although the validity of a PR Visa is only 5 years, you can extend it for the next five years every time it expires.
  • PR holders in Australia can sponsor other family members to migrate there.
  • You can register for Higher Education Loans Program. It provides financial help to PR holders in Australia.
  • You can travel wherever you want in Australia or overseas if you obtain PR in Australia.
  • Medicare and other health insurance programs are available to permanent residents of Australia.
  • PR holders in Australia are also eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Citizenship is automatically awarded to children born to Australian permanent residents.

Australian citizen vs. Permanent Resident

Although they have a permanent visa, Australian permanent residents are not citizens.

 A permanent resident can work, live and further their education in Australia.

Being an Australian citizen entitles you to several rights and privileges and the ability to claim your nationality. Being a citizen of Australia, you can proudly say “Australian.”

If you are an immigrant, citizenship through conferral is a way for you to become a citizen in Australia.

To apply for citizenship through conferral, you must be an Australian permanent resident for 12 months. You must hold a valid visa for at least 4 years of residence in the country. Younger applicants must also take a citizenship test.

Wrapping UP!

Many immigrants apply for PR in Australia after spending several years there on a temporary visa

PR visas typically comprise family and skilled employment visas and business stream visas. Australia is a safe and peaceful country with high living standards. In addition to allowing you to live and work permanently, getting PR in Australia has many other benefits. Apply today if you qualify for a PR Visa in Australia!

If you want more information or guidelines, Contact us at The Migration.

Depending on your skills and background, we will take as much time as necessary to establish an appropriate pathway for you.


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