A Guide to Buying Your First Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Investing in an automatic screen-printing machine is a significant upgrade that requires critical and logical reasoning. The invention of the automatic screen-printing machine offers you many advantages. Some enable you to carry out huge tasks that are not as fast and obtainable with manual printing machines and a workforce.

A quality automatic screen-printing press will maintain its standards. It will also produce high-quality prints for countless hours. This automated machine enables you to explore more tasks, knowing that your machine can complete them within a specific time frame. It fastens the growth of your business. It also allows you to focus on other aspects of development, such as attracting clients and promoting your business. 


Purchasing your first automatic screen-printing machine can be overwhelming as many options exist. However, this article will provide critical factors guiding you when shopping for a screen printing automatic machine.


6 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Automatic Screen Print Press




To get a quality automatic print press that suits your preference, it is necessary to decide on its configuration. What colors would you like to be able to print on a particular operation? How many stations are required for your establishment? 


You may wonder how to achieve this specification. Well, it’s easy! Take a quick review of current printing capabilities and your customer demands. While considering these, consider buying a press with a step up from the required configuration. While there may be a slight difference in the cost of the media, a more extensive press configuration will boost the growth of your business.




Now that you have a specific configuration, the size is next to consider. When buying any appliance, creating a space within your home or store where you will place it after purchase is natural. And this is no different from a screen-printing machine.


When purchasing the machine, you need to ensure that your machine fits well into the space you have created for it. 


You can do this by carefully measuring the footprint of the automatic screen print press and adding about two to three feet around the press. This extra space is necessary for operation and maintenance. Pay attention to the need for support equipment you might buy to upgrade your press.




Every version of any machine differs in the quality of its features. The higher the upgrade, the more extraordinary the features. Each model of automatic screen-printing machine is differentiated by its features. If you want an automatic press with basic controls or prefer high-tech computerized controls. 


Safety features, pallet leveling, lubricating systems, squeegee setup, etc, are some features embedded in several automatic screen print presses. To get the most out of your press, it is necessary to consider them and get a machine that has the features that meet your needs. 


   1.Support equipment


Investing in an automatic screen-printing machine is crucial to upgrading your shop. It is also essential that you invest in upgrading some other equipment around your store. 


It will ensure that your shop is ready to meet the demands of an automatic screen print press and also optimize the operational level of your shop. Support equipment such as air compressors and chillers and other equipment you need to ensure the efficiency of your printing press.


   1.Pneumatic or All-electric


Over time, automatic screen print machines were powered using compressed air. But technology has upgraded these presses to All-electric. 


It is good to determine whether a pneumatic or all-electric press is required for your shop. One advantage of an all-electric media is that it doesn’t need an air compressor or chiller. It allows you to easily incorporate an extensive press configuration into a smaller shop.


Also, all-electric presses need less maintenance since no chiller or air compressor interferes with the operation’s process.




The foundation of any investment is finance. While your preference for an automatic screen-printing machine gets narrow, it is necessary to get ready for the monetary aspect of your press. The larger the press, the higher the cost. 


Review your monthly lease, production, and profit per item to analyze what press machine you can afford. It will enable you to determine how fast you can repay your loan if you take one to make the purchase. 


Finally, adequate information and market research is necessary to get an automatic screen-printing machine. It makes it easy to get a press that aligns with your store’s needs. A quality automatic print press with essential features for your establishment will increase the production and growth of your store.

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