Curtains For Every Season | Choosing Window Treatments to Suit the Weather

Window curtains are the basic necessity as well as a decorative element of a home all through the year. While keeping the window styling aspect in mind, you have to pick the right set of curtains that is ideally suitable for both summer and winter. Curtains have the capability to reduce heat loss depending on the type of fabric and thickness.

When it comes to window treatments, functionality must be considered to fulfill all the requirements of the intended place. This article by Dubai Curtain covers various window covering solutions to suit different weather conditions.

Top Picks Of Window Curtains Best For Every Season

We have enlisted some energy-efficient window treatments that suit every weather.

1. Opt For Sheer Curtains

During summer months, when bulky window coverings just don’t seem acceptable, it would be a great choice to install sheers. Sheer curtains are lightweight with a thin weave and airy feel. They are not just visually beautiful but amazingly practical as well.

These transparent curtains filter incoming light and give you an airy and comfortable environment. Another perk of these curtains is that they can be paired with any other type of curtains to get the needed privacy.

2. Style Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are the most versatile window dressing treatment that is equally ideal for both summer and winter. These curtains with thick fabrication, and lining can insulate a room really well. By regulating the temperature, they keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

These energy-efficient curtains reduce heat loss to almost 24% percent and help you lesson energy expenses. These curtains can be styled with sheers to switch between illumination and privacy maintenance according to the requirements.

3. Go With Summer-Friendly Linen Curtains

Linen curtains work best as summer curtains because of their lightweight fabric. These curtains with a soft texture and classic look are the best choice to adorn your windows. These natural,  eco-friendly, breathable, and allergen-free curtains work wonders in areas like living rooms and dining rooms.

These curtains effectively filter the light in your rooms while protecting your privacy. The casual fabric feel of these curtains gives a comfortable interior environment.

4. Choose Energy-Efficient Velvet Drapes

To add warmth and a cozy feel to your rooms in winter, velvet curtains are the best choice to settle for. These curtains with rich texture and appearance greatly add to the aesthetics of the room. 

These curtains with a dense weave retain the heat in interiors and don’t allow the cold air to enter. With these curtains, you will get the best value for your investment as they are durable. These curtains can be paired with sheers to double the comfort of space.

5. Add In Cotton Curtains

Cotton is another window styling fabric that is suitable for summer. Cotton curtains reduce the amount of light and heat entering your space to a great extent. 

These curtains can be installed anywhere in your home as they are an excellent insulators. They are resistant to moisture damage and hence can be used as shower curtains too.

6. Buy Silk For All Seasons

Silk curtains add plenty of ambience to your rooms and it comes in different options. Taffeta, raw silk, dupioni, chiffon, and organza are the most popular choice for silk drapes that differ in thickness and opacity.

These curtains insulate a room well and are good for energy efficiency. Depending on the type of fabric, they can allow the air to enter a space (organza silk) or block incoming light (raw silk).

7. Purchase Lace Curtains

Lace curtains are the ideal drapes to decorate your windows with throughout the summer months.These curtains are made from polyester and are lightweight, airy, and easy to care for, making them the best choice for summer season.

These curtains let plenty of light enter through their transparent designs. You must buy them if you have a traditional decor for unique aesthetics.

8. Pick Damask And Brocade Curtain Fabrics

This fabric with a tight weave can block the sunlight effectively and maintain a pleasant interior environment. As it is made from dense materials and is heavyweight as compared to the other fabrics, it can also trap heat inside in winter.

Brocade curtains are thick and durable, which makes them ideal for winter season. These curtains are completely opaque and heavyweight, hence best for trapping heat and regulating room temperature.

To Conclude

Energy-efficient curtains are a must-have for every weather. The drapes that are best for summer are sheer, linen, cotton, and lace. While to keep your rooms warm in winter, you should opt for heavyweight drapes like silk, velvet and brocade. Also, by attaching a removable lining at the back of lightweight curtains, you can make them ideal for both winter and summer.

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