Visa 189 Australia- Skilled Independent Visa

People seeking a new start in life often choose Australia.

Australia attracts migrants worldwide because of its high standard of living and abundant employment possibilities. It can be challenging for skilled workers to enter Australia, but Visa 189 offers a great opportunity for those who wish to live and work permanently here.

What is Visa 189 Australia?

The 189 Skilled Independent Visa is a category devised to draw in invited workers with particular skills required by the larger Australian population. Based on special employment skills, Visa 189 is subject to a points test. Invited workers have many of the same privileges as Australian citizens if the visa is approved.

189 Skilled Independent Visa Streams

There are two primary streams for Visa 189 Australia

  1.     189 Points Tested Stream

This broadcast does not require a sponsor or nomination. It is necessary to obtain an invitation before you can apply.

You will be invited if you obtain the minimum number of points needed for a visa type 189. Typically, 65 points or more are required for a points-tested stream visa.

  1.   189 New Zealand Stream

If you are a New Zealand citizen and have been in Australia for a minimum of five years while holding a special 444 visa, you are eligible to apply for this stream. You must have been a resident of Australia since or before February 19, 2016, for the residence time to count toward your eligibility requirements.

Processing Time for Visa 189

The following are the 189 processing time for two of its streams

  •       15–25 months for 189 points-tested stream
  •       14–17 months for the 189 New Zealand stream

Due to unique circumstances, processing times can vary significantly, and each application is evaluated individually.

Timing is determined by the accuracy of the application and documents provided, requests for additional materials or information, and the time required to complete any required inspections.

Cost for the Visa 189 Australia

189 Visa currently costs AUD$4,240. There are additional costs for each family member included on the application, and this cost only covers the primary applicant.

The Home Affairs website has a Visa Pricing Estimator that you can use. A family member above the age of 18 will currently pay AUD$2,020, while a child under the age of 18 will pay AUD$1,015.

Independent Skilled 189 Visa Requirements:

You must submit an online Expression of Interest (EOI) before receiving an invitation to apply for a Visa 189.

You must meet the fundamental requirements for a visa once you have been invited to apply to qualify for one under the General Skilled Migration program.

You must:

  •       Have offered a skilled job that qualifies for this visa subclass.
  •       Have an appropriate assessment of their skills in the suggested skilled occupation;
  •       Have an appropriate assessment of their skills in the suggested skilled occupation;
  •       Minimum age is 18, and maximum age is 45.
  •         Have a minimum level of English proficiency;
  •       Obtain the minimum 65-point passing score on the points test;
  •       Satisfy specific standards for character and health.

Application Process for Visa 189

When you want to lodge an application for a 189 visa, follow these steps:

  1.     Submit a letter of interest.

To apply for the points-tested visa stream, you must submit a letter of interest via SkillSelect.

  1.     Earn the necessary number of points

You will automatically be invited to apply for the visa after SkillSelect calculates your points based on your qualifications and talent in your EOI after reaching 65 points. Get a visa invitation.

 After completing your EOI submission, you must expect an invitation.

  1.     Make a visa application.

 You must first go into your SkillSelect account and choose the option to “apply for the visa” to be sent immediately to the ImmiAccount after receiving your invitation. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are unnecessary for the New Zealand stream; you may apply for the visa using your ImmiAcocunt.

How long can you stay with 189 Visa Australia?

189 Skilled Independent visa allows you to stay in the country for an unlimited time, making it a permanent resident visa. A Resident Return visa (155 or 157) is available to re-enter Australia after the travel component of the permit expires after 5 years.

In addition to being granted inside Australia, Visa 189 can also be used to enter the country. The day you receive a 189 visa, you become a permanent resident. 

Why apply for 189 Visa Australia?

Several rights and obligations are associated with the Skilled Independent visa. 189 Visa allows you to

  •       Live in Australia for an infinite period.
  •       Make as many tours outside of Australia and within Australia as you’d like during a 5-year term.
  •       Enjoy public employment and select any line of work.
  •       can sponsor travel to Australia for your family
  •       Get personal loans, mortgages, auto loans, and other loans quickly approved. Because having an Australian PR improves your credit rating
  •       Children of immigrants born in Australia are automatically regarded as citizens by their birth.
  •       Get affordable health insurance, subsidized medications, and free care at all public hospitals in Australia with an all-inclusive health plan.
  •       Following four years in Australia on a PR visa, become qualified to seek Australian citizenship.


Do you have the most in-demand abilities relevant to the Australian economy as an international worker? Do you want to stay permanently in Australia?

Apply for Skilled Independent Visa 189 to have access to employment opportunities and the chance to become a permanent resident of this stunning nation!

It is not easy to obtain a PR in Australia. Immigration policies have been tightened recently. For more details and guidance, contact us at The Migration.



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