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Tips to Stay Safe on a Chartered Yacht In Dubai

Yachting is a thrilling and enjoyable experience to spend your holidays. To make your yacht charter experience fun-filled, there is an important set of rules to follow. Unlike a road trip, getting help on a yacht is not easy. Stay tuned to this article to learn the tips to keep yourself safe.

Chartering a yacht in Dubai: Safety protocols you must follow

Over the last two decades, chartering yachts have become very popular due to their unmatched enjoyment and experience. Dubai is one of the top cities among the chartering destinations. You can find yacht charters in Dubai according to your preferences and requirements.

Besides the yachting experience and enjoyment, safety must be the top priority. As accidents and emergencies come uninvited, it is very important to be prepared for any situation. We have created a list of safety measures you must follow.

  • Weather conditions
  • Medication
  • Experienced captain
  • Safety equipment
  • Emergency kits
  • Captain’s tips
  • Clothing

Weather conditions

Before you plan your yacht trip, you conduct a weather check. The best time to sail is when the skies are clear. As ocean currents have unpredictable characteristics, be prepared for any change in weather. If you don’t pay attention, it can ruin your yacht trip.

You can use any weather forecast app to know the weather during your trip. It is not a good choice to go yachting on rainy days.


If you take any prescription medicine, take plenty of it. You can also take over-the-counter medicines like painkillers and topical medicines for small injuries and bruises. You do not need any prescription to get these drugs. Those who suffer from seasickness can also get medicines like Bromine and Dramamine.

Experienced captain

Whether it is your first yacht trip or you have got some experience, try to have an experienced captain. An experienced captain stays alert to surrounding situations and can help you avoid any dangers during the trip.

Safety equipment

No matter if you are getting in your own yacht or chartered one, ensure that it has all the safety equipment. Below is the list of safety equipment that you must check before leaving the coastline

  • Life jackets
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Signaling devices
  • Safety rings
  • Rafts

Emergency kit

Always take an emergency kit with you on a yacht. An emergency kit should have a first aid kit, flashlights, energy bars, flare guns, signaling devices and satellite radios.

There can be many emergencies that arise, like someone falling off board or the yacht colliding with something.

Captain’s tips

Before starting the yacht journey, captains usually give you tips to keep you away from any danger. Listen to your yacht captain carefully, not paying attention can lead to serious injury.

If you are planning to do some recreational activities while on the yacht. You must know basic swimming. At least one of your group must be an expert swimmer that can save you in case of any emergency.


While you are on a yacht, the weather conditions may have dramatic changes. It is important to carry appropriate clothing. During the night, sea weather becomes very cold. To have a comfortable sleep, pack some warm clothes with you.

Emergency procedures while on the yacht

Knowing emergency procedures is critical to ensure the safety of crew and passengers. Following are some emergency procedures you can follow.

  • Abandoning the boat
  • Hypothermia treatment
  • Treating bruises

Abandoning the boat

If a yacht is in a state of imminent sinking, leaving it is considered the best option. Deploy life rafts, wear life jackets and take an emergency kit with you. Before abandoning the boat, try to contact the coast guards and inform them about your situation.

If there is some minor hole or wreckage in the boat’s surface, try to block it. You can use towels, clothes or a cushion to plug the leak.

Hypothermia treatment

Hypothermia while yachting is very common and can change an enjoyable yachting experience into a nightmare. If someone has got hypothermia, you can know by its symptoms which are shivering, slurred speech, slow respiration and irregular heart rate.

If someone has mild hypothermia, follow the tips below before reaching a doctor for the proper medical procedure.


Change the clothing of the person that has hypothermia. Give warm clothes and put blankets on them. If the body is wet, dry the body with a towel or soft cloth. Keep the patient’s body temperature warm, it can help relieve pain and irritation.

Warm drinks

If the patient is conscious, give him warm drinks. Avoid giving caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee. Hot soup or chocolate is considered best for hypothermia patients.

No direct heat

Do not use a heating pad or lamps to warm the patient’s body temperature. It can worsen the case by making heart rate irregular. Direct heat can also cause skin burns.

Treating bruises

Bruises are the most common type of injury on a boat. Most of these do not require any treatment, but you must be careful in case of a severe bruise. You can tie a warm cloth or bandage over the bruise and have some painkillers.

It is important to keep your steps firmly on the board to avoid any injury from slipping. And hold some railing or rope when getting to the slippery side on board.

Summary of the safety procedures on a yacht

Beside the enjoyability and experience of yachting, remaining safe is very important. Cruising on a yacht is part of the high-end lifestyle, and one must know safety tips and procedures to ensure their safety. You should have enough knowledge to handle emergency situations.

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