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Children and babies who learn to swim benefit from using both sides of their bodies, strengthening muscles, learning coordination skills and increasing brain connections that foster faster maturation. Swimming provides them with opportunities for physical, cognitive and psychological growth that accelerate maturation more rapidly.

Star Swimming School Cranbourne offers children an ideal environment to learn the art of swimming in safety and comfort, equipped with top-of-the-line facilities to master its art.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Children swimming lessons clyde are an integral component of water safety for babies and children. At Cranbourne Swimming School, we understand the significance of introducing your little ones to water at an early age in order to teach them to feel safe around and confident swimming themselves.

Kids swimming classes at our club provide an enjoyable and safe learning environment to acquire this invaluable lifesaving skill. Learning to swim early increases a child’s likelihood of maintaining a positive relationship with water for life – so they may appreciate its beauty all their lives long.

Young students begin in our Tadpole class where we encourage parents to be involved as active participants in the lesson. Once these little swimmers have graduated from this level they can then progress onto our Swimboree program where instructors work one-on-one with them without the assistance of parents.

Swimming is a wonderful social activity, giving babies and parents alike an opportunity to form strong bonds through shared experience in water. Our swimming instructors are adept at teaching babies to remain calm and relaxed in the water so they have an enjoyable experience in this activity.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for your infant or toddler is one of the best ways to ensure they will lead a life full of healthy physical activity and confidence in water safety. Baby swim classes teach important lifesaving skills like floating on their back with legs kicked to stay afloat; this can protect them from drowning. Although even trained swimmers need supervision around water at all times.

Swimming with your baby can be an invaluable way of bonding and providing them with independence and self-reliance. Swimming also serves as an enjoyable, low-impact form of exercise that improves balance and coordination – using more strength to move arms and legs through water than it would through air! Learning this activity together makes for a memorable bonding experience as both parties gain newfound independence in themselves and independence for themselves!

Studies demonstrate that babies who take swimming lessons as infants grow into more physically active adults with improved balance, coordination, grasping and catching abilities compared to non-swimmers. Furthermore, swimming enables participants to engage in physical activities later in life which could have long-term health benefits like healthier hearts and lungs as well as building confidence while making friends.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for adults who are uncomfortable entering the water or who wish to learn are an ideal way to increase your comfort in and enjoyment of aquatic activities safely. Our SafeSplash-certified instructors can tailor lessons specifically to your needs. Adult swim classes are offered at certain locations.

Beginner Level 1

This beginner class is tailored for those who feel intimidated by water. Students will learn basic skills like floating on their front or back without bobbing up, supported gliding and flutter kicks as well as retrieving objects underwater and diving in headfirst into the pool.

Intermediate Level 3 Swimmers in this class begin to demonstrate proficiency in front crawl and elementary backstroke swimming techniques as well as other aquatic skills like survival float, side breathing and scissor kicks. Students will also learn treading water techniques as they begin practicing flip turns.

Swimmers in this level will work to enhance their strokes, distance and speed to become stronger and more confident swimmers. Participants will learn lap swimming for fitness purposes as well as team-based endurance development experiences to add another element of fun into their experience.

Adult Swim Classes

No one should put off learning lifesaving skills; adults aged 12+ can still benefit from taking lessons to learn to swim. Our program teaches adult participants how to be confident swimmers with 45 minute classes held regularly at convenient locations throughout our service area. For the truly ambitious participant we also provide private, semi-private, and group lessons as needed.

At Swimming classes Clyde Melbourne, our aim is to give students the best swimming lessons available by teaching proper body positioning and stroke technique through our innovative learning process. Furthermore, we stress the importance of breathing correctly both when in and out of the water – an impressive record we are proud to boast of helping students overcome any initial fear they might have about entering water to become confident swimmers! We pride ourselves in helping students overcome any fears related to entering the water eventually becoming great swimmers themselves!

Our heated pools allow us to offer classes all year-round, helping children adjust to the temperature of the water without fear of sickness from cold.



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