Slip And Fall Accidents in Parking Lots.

We step foot in parking lots nearly every day. But the threat of getting injured is not always on our minds when we do. Several conditions can result in slip and fall accidents. A slip-and-fall accident in a parking lot can be due to cracks, careless maintenance, bumpers, uneven surfaces, poor lighting, or slippery substances like oil.

If you are injured in a parking lot, contact and hire an experienced attorney to discuss your case further.

Slip and fall accidents in parking lots

Slip and fall accidents will occur whenever uneven footing, slippery substances, and trip hazards make walking unsafe for people. Some common slip and fall accidents that can occur:

  1. Retail stores
  2. Parking lots
  3. Hotels
  4. Sidewalks
  5. Restaurants
  6. Grocery stores
  7. Workplace
  8. Escalators

Parking sites are generally common spots for slips and fall. Other reasons that cause falls in parking areas are that they are visited regularly. 

Most of us walk through parking lots multiple times every single day. Almost every public place requires an individual to walk from their vehicle to their location, crossing the parking lot twice a day at least. Going to work, attending doctor’s visits, running errands, and even going back o your apartment requires you to travel through a parking lot. 


  • Potholes and uneven pavement

There are various reasons why potholes and uneven pavement cause slip-and-fall accidents. Potholes create tripping hazards for individuals if they do not pay enough attention to their surroundings. Uneven pavement can lead individuals to lose their balance.


  • Shopping carts and debris

Shopping carts and debris can cause pedestrians to fall, especially if the person is not paying attention to their surroundings. Pedestrians can lose their balance if they accidentally step on something as small as a piece of paper or get hit by a shopping cart. Poor maintenance of the shop or stall can leave damaged items on the floor.


  • Adverse weather condition

Snow and ice can make surfaces slippery, making it difficult for pedestrians to maintain their footing. Adverse weather conditions can reduce visibility, making it difficult to see where you are walking and increasing the risk of tripping and falling. Parking lots that are not adequately maintained during adverse weather conditions can become even more hazardous for pedestrians.

Some common injuries suffered in parking lot slip, and fall accidents include:

  1. Back injuries
  2. Head injuries
  3. Soft tissue injuries
  4. Broken bones and fractures
  5. Spinal cord injuries

It is important to seek medical attention after a slip and fall accident, even if you do not feel injured at the time of the accident. Some injuries may not become apparent until hours or days after the accident.

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