How to Choose the Best Spray Tip for Spraying Weeds

First, Read Your Chemical Label

You should always follow the directions printed on the chemical (spray) bottle packaging label you are going to be using. The chemical label will help you determine the best droplet size, application rate, nozzle spacing, and sprayer speed  for your specific needs. If you don’t have the chemical label with you, you can search for the chemical you will be spraying. If you cannot find the chemical label in this database, we suggest you consult your local agronomist. This spray tip selection tool will help you if you, but ONLY have the chemical label.

In order to find the best spray tip, it is important to determine Droplet Size, Application Rate, Sprayer Speed, and Nozzle Spacing.

Droplet Size

The size and variation of droplets made by the spray tip. Very Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse, Very Coarse, and Extremely Coarse).

Application Rate

The volume of finished spray applied per area. Always follow the instructions on the pesticide label. High application rates provide more spray per area and can increase spray coverage.

Sprayer Speed

The forward moving speed of the spray equipment. Speed sensors should be calibrated or checked for accuracy. Speed is determined by how long it takes to travel a measured distance.

Tip Spacing

The distance between each tip on a broadcast sprayer boom.

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