Should I Wear a Necklace on the Outside of a Jumper?

Wearing a necklace can be a nice way to show your personality. Perhaps you wear your favorite chain that your mother gave you. Alternatively, you can have a pendant with a special animal on it. Either way, a necklace is a personal touch, as well as a way to add color to your outfit and feel more confident about what you are wearing.

But, when you are wearing a jumper, should you wear your necklace on the inside or have it show on the outfit? While there is no definitive rule, and this is going to be your personal decision. But, here are some tips that can help you decide what to do.

Consider the Occasion

First of all, you will need to consider the occasion and what you are wearing the necklace for. For example, a casual outing is going to mean you can wear your necklace differently from when you are going to a wedding or business event. So, let’s take a closer look at some instances.

Wearing a Casual Jumper

Say you are going to lunch with your friends. You have decided to wear denim jeans and a casual jumper. This is a good time to wear your necklace on the outside. You can open up a few buttons if you have any too, and it can be displayed nicely. Immediately, it can transform your outfit and add some interest. For example, you might want to include a pendant, which can hang down and be displayed to complement the shirt you are wearing.

Wearing a Formal Jumper

If you are wearing a formal jumper to work or an event, you are going to have two options. It will depend on the neckline of that jumper and what is going to look best. If there is a low round neckline, a chain will look nice, and it can be seen against the skin.

If your jumper has a high neckline, this is when it is going to be best to wear the necklace on the outside. It can hang over the jumper and stand out. It will be best to choose contrasting colors so that it can stand out and add interest. For example, if you are wearing a black beads gold chain, you should wear a light-colored jumper so that it can be seen. It will stand out and look nice.

The Neckline Matters

As we have briefly discussed, the neckline of the jumper is going to matter. This can dictate whether a necklace looks good on the inside against the skin or on the outside of the jumper. For example, if you are just wearing a chain, this can be quite versatile. But, if you have a pendant, this is when you have to put more thought into how you wear your necklace.

Consider If It Is High or Low

Of course, the obvious point you have to consider is whether the neckline is high or low. Ultimately, the rule is that if you have a high neckline, the necklace should sit on the outside of the jumper. If you have a low neckline, it will look best against the skin. If you have a neckline that is in the middle, you will have to consider the necklace itself. If it has a pendant, this can look nice on the outside of the jumper.

Think About the Shape

You also have to consider the shape of the neckline when you are selecting your accessories. For example, if you are wearing a jumper that has a square neckline, this is going to look better with a short necklace that sits against the skin. Alternatively, if you have a high round neckline on a jumper, this is when a necklace can sit on the outside of the jumper, and it can even have a pendant hanging down.


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