The cost of Times Square billboards

Have you ever wanted to know how much a Times Square billboard costs to purchase and how to get on one? If so, you’re in luck. because we’ll talk about Times Square billboard price, how much a Times Square billboard costs and how to purchase a Times Square billboard in this blog.

Not all Times Square billboards are created equal when it comes to purchasing one. To locate the ideal billboard for your requirements, factors like location, size, form, and impressions should be taken into account.

The easiest way to get on a Times Square billboard is to speak with a media buyer like American Guerilla Marketing. It may be It is difficult to keep up with all the alternatives with so many billboards. owned by landlords, private firms like NASDAQ, and the enormous billboard at 1 Times Square is owned by Spotify, as well as inventory companies like Clear Channel, Lamar, and Outfront A media buyer can assist in this situation since we have connections with all of these businesses and can negotiate the best price for you.

Times Square billboard rental factors

There are several factors to take into account in order to comprehend how a billboard in Times Square is priced, but we’ll concentrate on the key ones: size, location, impressions, and programming.

Because of the high population density in the region, bigger is better at Times Square. The simpler it is to stand out from the throng, the more crucial the billboard. The two finest locations are at the north and south ends of Times Square, where everyone must enter and depart, thus placement is very crucial. Dimensions and positioning have a direct impact on impressions, or how often someone sees the billboard. The cost increases as the number of impressions increases.

The cost of programming for digital billboards depends on a variety of variables, including the number of advertisers in a basket, the length of the advertising loop, and the duration of your slot.

Times Square Billboard Pricing

Depending on the cycle and the location of the billboard, the cost of a billboard in Times Square might vary dramatically. For instance, a takeover at One Times Square may cost roughly $400,000 for a four-week cycle, while the twin enormous billboards on the other side may cost around $250,000 for the same period. For a picture PR campaign, a Times Square billboard for 15 seconds for a day may cost about $60,000 for a spectacular like where the NYE ball drops at 1 Times Square.

Other billboards in Times Square billboard advertising cost may be between $50,000 and $150,000 for a four-week period. The cheapest billboard in Times Square would be the one-day offers available for under $15,000 during the off-season, which is perfect for PR stunts or web advertising.

The Times Square billboards, such as those atop the Brill Building or the Monster Billboard on 41st and 7th with its 116-foot blade display, may be bought for around $30,000 for a four-week cycle and sometimes for less than $18,000 for a week.

With so many alternatives and factors to take into account, purchasing a billboard in Times Square may be difficult. Working with a media buyer like American Guerilla Marketing may simplify the process by guiding you through the choices and securing the best possible price for you. In Times Square, size matters when it comes to striking out, and positioning and impressions are important things to take into account when determining a billboard’s price.

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