Selling Metals in Today’s Market

Selling Metals

              In today’s market, you might expect to be able to sell your precious metals for a quick profit. You may think that you might be able to make up the money that you bought the metals for since everyone else is selling their metals, too. This can be true for you, depending on the metals that you are selling.

You can sell your metals in a variety of places, both in person and online. There are some places like that can sell you metals. There are other places that are in person that you can go to on your own. Some feel that it is safer to sell online, while others feel that it is safer to do your business in person.

This article will help you to get the most for you metals with some ideas for you. It will help you by giving some tips on what to look for both in your metals and in the dealers that you might want to sell to. These tips are great for beginners and you might also want to do more research to find more information.


  1. Find the Worth Before You Sell

It will greatly help you if you check the prices for your metals before you attempt to sell it. By doing this, you will find an approximate price to be looking for to sell your metals. You might be able to sell it for close to what you have seen the prices online. If the dealer offers too little money, you will know that they are trying to scam you and not pay what your metals are worth.

You want to make sure that you get paid an appropriate amount of money for your metals.

Keep in mind that the dealer will offer a little lower than what you have seen online only because they need to make money, too. They will not offer you the full amount of money that you see online for this reason. These dealers are not trying to scam you, they are only trying to make a profit, too.

  1. Look at Futures Prices

If you are looking to make the biggest profit from your metals, check out the futures prices. These prices will tell you what your metals are expected to make in the future. If these prices are more than what you see on the spot prices, you may want to wait to sell your metals. If these prices are lower, you might want to sell right away. You can check here for futures price for your metals. This is an accurate up-to-date list for you.

These prices are not always accurate, but they can usually be pretty fair prices. You may not get exactly what they are predicting, but it should be close. Occasionally, they can be wrong, as well, so you could be taking chances when using futures prices.

  1. Monitor Exchange Rates

If you are not selling your metals in a place that uses the American dollar, you might want to check the exchange rates, as well. You might end up losing money if the American dollar is less than your current currency. This is something that you will want to know before you sell your metals.

These exchange rates will make a big difference in the price that you receive if you are not careful. You might think that you will be making a ton of money, when in reality, you are losing some money.

  1. Selling Online

You could sell online but you need to check out the reputability of the company that you are selling to. You can check out the Better Business Bureau,, your state attorney general’s office, or other reviews to see how well the business does. You can also check out the reviews that you can find online to see how well they are.

There are risks that you will take by selling your metals online because you will be expected to send in your metals for them to check. You won’t have your metals in your possession and the business might be a scam that will not send you the metals or the money that they promised. This is just one of the major issues that could occur if you sell your metals online.

  1. Are Your Metals Liquid?

You need to know how liquid, or sellable, your metals are. This means that you need to know if the metals can be sold after you buy them. You don’t want to have metals that you can’t sell to someone else or another dealer. This helps you to know whether you should buy bullion coins or numismatic coins. Bullion coins are more liquid than numismatic coins because they are more valuable most of the time. The numismatic coins are more collectible but are often not worth the same amount of money.

  1. Sending in the Mail

You need to be very careful when sending your metals through the mail because most carriers will not insure gold, silver, and other metals. That means that if the package does not arrive at the person that you intended it to, it is just lost, and you have lost your money and your metals.

It would be better for you and your buyer if you could hand deliver your metals.

If you can’t hand deliver your metals, then make sure that you have the address correct and you ask for a signed receipt when the buyer receives your metals. This will help you to make sure that the package arrived and that the buyer received them.

  1. Capital Gains

You will have to pay capital gains tax on anything that you sell that you make a profit from. You are allowed a profit up to $12,000 before you have to pay the taxes, so you do have a little leeway. Here is some information about the capital gains tax: In some countries you will not have pay capital gains on certain bullion coins, if they represent that country.

For example, in the UK, you will not have to pay capital gains on any coins that are made by the Royal Mint. This includes the silver Britannia coins that are exempt from the tax.

  1. You Will Probably Not Get Spot Price

The spot price is the price that the markets say the metal is worth at a certain time of each day. You will probably not get the spot price that you see on the market. The dealer that you are buying from or selling to will want to make a profit so they will not want to give you the full price.

If you are selling to a dealer, you will get a fair price, just not the spot price most likely. You will need to keep this in mind when you are selling your precious metals.

  1. Avoid the Spread

The spread is the amount of money between the amount that the dealer buys your gold from you and how much they sell if for later. This spread can vary from dealer to dealer, so you will want to find a dealer with a lower spread. The lower the spread for the dealer means the higher the profit for you.


              You just want to be careful when you are selling your metals to others, even dealers. Some people, including the dealers will try to scam you. If you are careful and do your research, you can be more sure that you are choosing a reputable dealer.

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