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RumbleTalk Chat: A powerful moderated chat for online events

You want your event to be successful, and maybe even inspiring for future ones. How can you make sure that happens?

Event engagement is one of the most important factors in making sure your attendees leave feeling enthused about your cause and are eager to tell others about it on social media, forums, or even in person at other events.

There are several tried and tested ways to get people engaged with your event online so that the experience you offer them at your real-life event feels like the icing on top of the cake. Here are RumbleTalk Chat’s five tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Create a live group chat for your audience

RumbleTalk chat is a chat platform that you can use alongside your live stream. You can invite your audience anywhere in the world, it’s 100% free.

Creating a chat platform alongside your event is the perfect way to get attendees engaged with one another and allow them a place to engage with the event speakers. RumbleTalk provides a clean, intuitive interface so you can spend less time managing your chat, and more time connecting with your audience.

Tip 2: Moderate effectively by screening messages before it goes live

RumbleTalk Chat’s Moderated Chat is one of the chat types with a designated chat administrator. He or she will be able to screen the messages before they go live in the group chat. This feature is useful to make sure that everything that goes into the chat room is relevant to the topic. This can also be used to host Q&A sessions with your event speakers, where your attendees can send in questions in the chat.

This is a great way to both strengthen the relationships between you and your speakers, as well as engage your audience even more. It also provides a public venue where anyone can ask questions without feeling intimidated in a crowded space.

Your chat admin can also mute users, ban problematic users, ban profanity, slow down the chat, and export the chat transcript.

Tip 3: Hold real-time polls to keep them involved

Whether you are running a conference or just holding a networking event, live polls within the group chat can be an invaluable tool. With the help of RumbleTalk, your chat admins can send out polls within the group chat and everyone will be able to give their feedback in real-time.

Use it as an ice breaker, review questions after every topic, or as survey.

Tip 4: Provide easy access to on-demand content

For on-demand content, Rumbletalk Chat allows you to send files, images, and videos within the group chat. This way, all of the people in the group are able to see it as they are available – without having them walk away or change what they’re doing.

Send out all the information that you need ahead of time, so attendees can get ready before the event and come prepared with any questions. This will also allow them an opportunity to contact you beforehand if needed too.

Tip 5: Provide private chat rooms for networking and inquiries

Create multiple rooms that will serve as your online meeting rooms for those who want to learn more about your products or services, get in touch with you privately, or even show off their work.

RumbleTalk allows you to create as many chat rooms as you need – whether as a meeting room, an event booth, a consultation room, or a waiting room for your guests. This is helpful for large events where you want to host separate chat rooms simultaneously.

Get started for free

You can create your free account and try RumbleTalk chat in minutes. They offer a free plan that lets you use the chat for your website or events. For a demo call, send an email to or visit

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