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A watch complication refers to a function of the watch that goes beyond just displaying the time. Date display, chronograph and GMT are some popular complications. For those who travel frequently, GMT is one of the best complications in a watch you will see. A GMT watch displays more than one timezones at a time. And it was developed for pilots who keep flying in different time zones. In this article, we will have a look at the top GMT watch brands.

How do GMT watches work?

GMT watches have an extra hand that refers to the second or third-time zone. Unlike the hour hand, the fourth hand completes its rotation once a day. A GMT’s watch bezel has 24 hours marking that is used to see the second or third-time zone. A bezel may be rotated in one or two directions to exactly display the second time zone.

GMT watch brands

The very first GMT was developed by a small watch brand, Glycine, in 1953. Today, there are many brands that manufacture these watches. A GMT watch is a must-have in the watch collection. Whether you are looking to invest in luxury watches or want to wear one, this article will help you choose the right one according to your taste.

Rolex GMT watches

Rolex is one of the most popular brands when it comes to GMT watches. GMT Master and GMT Master II are the most desired ones by watch enthusiasts. These Rolex watches come in different variants and designs. The following are the most popular GMT watch models by Rolex.


  • GMT Master
  • GMT Master II
  • Rolex Explorer

GMT Master

It is the very first GMT watch by Rolex. This Rolex model is also known as Pepsi GMt due to its two-tone (red and blue) bezel color. As this was made for Pan Am airline’s  pilots, this color represented Pan Am’s old logo.

GMT Master II

After the success of the first GMT Master model, GMT Master II was introduced in 1982. This watch has the same iconic design but with a bit of change in it. The bezel was replaced with hard ceramic sapphire, which made it more scratch and fade-resistant. The case size was also increased to 40 mm.

GMT Master II comes in different variants such as yellow gold, white gold and everose. And the different dial designs make it easier to choose the best one according to your taste.

Rolex Explorer

It is another GMT watch by Rolex, which was designed for rough terrain. Unlike the GMT master, the bezel of this watch cannot be rotated, but it is still a practical and durable watch.

Patek Philippe

It is second on the list and is known for creating the world’s most luxurious watches of all time. Its GMT watches are highly sought after by watch collectors and investors due to their complex design.

Patek Philippe World Time Cloisonne Enamel 5231G

This watch is part of the Patek Philippe World Time collection and is loved by most watch enthusiasts. Unlike the Rolex watches, it does come with a bezel, and the 24 hours for fourth hand are marked on the dial.

This watch has a 38.5 mm case and features hand-stitched croc leather. And this was made 30-meter water resistant. It can not be worn for swimming or sauna. Due to its rarity, it is very hard to find this watch. However, you can have one at a high price.

Zodiac Watches

Zodiac is known for producing high-quality watches. This brand is specifically popular for making watches for underwater use. It is also known for manufacturing dress watches, sports watches and chronographs. This brand has made its name due to its high quality and reliability.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT

It is a high-quality GMT watch available at a lower price than others in the market. Its classic design caught the attention of many watch enthusiasts. It has a 40 mm case and mechanical movement with GMT function.

For those, who want to enjoy GMT functionality at a budget price, there cannot be any other better choice than this. This watch has kept the legacy of their diving watches by making it 20 ATM water resistant.


It is one of the oldest watchmakers known for manufacturing high-quality and durable watches since the 1890s. Their watches are highly accurate and a choice for watch lovers.

Breitling Chronomat automatic GMT

This watch can be a choice for those who neither wants to pay a lot nor too low for a luxury watch. It is a perfect affordable watch that falls in the luxury category. This classic timepiece is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC)

This watch has an attractive design with its green dial and inner dial GMT hour markings. The date and GMT complication combination make them highly sought after by watch collectors. This watch has a versatile design and can be worn for any occasion.


No matter what brand or design you like, a GMT is a must-have in the collection. A GMT is great for those who travel frequently. The above-listed brands are the top brands for GMT compilation.

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