Navigate To The Closest Grocery Store

How To Navigate To The Closest Grocery Store?

In this pandemic era, it is difficult to step out of the house and do grocery shopping. The best solution is to order everything at home. But the delivery option is not available to all people. In this situation, people buy groceries from their nearest stores to avoid interacting with more people.

If you do not know about your closest grocery store then do not worry. There are many methods to navigate the closest grocery store by sitting at home. By navigating the nearest store at home you can save additional cost, energy, time, and fuel.

You can also enjoy fresh groceries. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and see how you can navigate the closest grocery store.

6 Different Ways to Navigate the Closest Grocery Store

Finding the grocery store is a difficult task if you are new to the region. But here are some easy and quick ways to navigate the closest grocery store that will save you time. Have a look at them.

1. Use Landmarks as a Guide

If you are trying to navigate the closest grocery store then using Landmarks will be helpful.

  • Look for the large sign or building that resembles the nearest supermarket
  • After reaching a milestone, you can use it as a source of perspective to help you find the course of action. Milestones are hard to identify that’s why they are memorable
  • If you are looking for a grocery market in a large city then it will be challenging to determine where one supermarket ends and another starts
  • If you have trouble locating your direction then your second choice is to look for bog street signs

2. Use Google Maps on the Desktop

Google Maps are the best option to locate the locations. You can use the Maps in the following ways to find the closest grocery store.

  • Make sure your place is connected to the Internet
  • Open the Google Maps application
  • Enter the location where you are looking for the grocery store and press enter
  • Select the nearest grocery store from the drop-down menu
  • Once you select the grocery store, you will see its location

3. Use Google Maps on Mobile

Nowadays all people have a smartphone with Internet access. Also, Google Maps app is installed as the default map that people can use to navigate the closest grocery store. Read the following steps to locate the grocery store on your mobile phone.

  • Install the Google Maps app on your mobile phone if in case your mobile does not have it
  • Enter the address of the nearest supermarket where you can go easily
  • Create a scene in your community emblem
  • Look for the Category tab in Parchment then select Groceries
  • If in case you do not find the option then select more and press Groceries. A list of nearest supermarkets and grocery stores will be displayed that are in your area
  • By looking at the red dots you can see the location of the retailers
  • You can direct the list of items by using a drop-down menu that is based on evaluations and distance

4. Use Voice Search on the Mobile Phone

Using the voice search option is the easiest method to locate the nearest supermarket. To use this method, you need to get the voice search app on your mobile phone. Following are the easy steps that you can use to locate the nearest grocery store.

  • Open the App Store on your mobile phone and search for Google Maps app then download it
  • Now Turn on the GPS and allow Google Maps to use your current location
  • Tap on the profile picture of Google Maps then click on Settings
  • Select the Navigation Settings from the List and then click on Voice Level
  • Now you can select the volume level. You can keep it Louder, Normal, or Softer
  • Go back to the Google Maps Navigation page and say the name of the supermarket where you want to go
  • The list of nearest stores will be appear
  • After you select the desired grocery store, the Map will show you the entire route to reach the store

5. Use the GasBuddy App to Locate Closest Grocery Store

After Google Maps, GasBuddy is the best app to find the closest grocery store in your area. Here are the easy steps to use the GasBuddy app and locate the grocery store. So have a look at them.

  • Download the GasBuddy mobile app on your phone to Navigate the nearest grocery store
  • Install the app after downloading it then open it. Now allow the app to connect to your current location
  • After connecting with the current location, use the pursuit bar of the GasBuddy app to locate the nearest grocery store
  • Now the list of local grocery stores will appear with the information on how far they are from your current location and what will be the cost of gas to reach the destination
  • Select the Grocery store according to your requirement and to locate the base of the screen, tap.
  • You will get the directions to the closest grocery store

6. Use Still open on Desktop

To locate the closest supermarkets that are open you can use desktop apps like Still Open. Here are the easy steps to use this app to locate the nearest grocery store.

  • Visit the official website of Still open to start the process
  • The website will ask you about the current location. Allow it and the website will recognize the area itself
  • Now enter the name of the area where you can go easily to buy the groceries
  • A list of all the open grocery stores will appear
  • Select your desired grocery store and its directions will appear on the screen
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