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Top 7 Christmas Party Cake Ideas You Must Try This Year

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is busy shopping for decorating, gifting items, and Christmas clothes. One thing everyone expects to get during Christmas when they visit someone is Christmas cake. In this high-tech world, it has now become easier to order cakes from any big brand bakery or store. This year serve your guests some freshly baked innovative cakes that will melt their hearts.

History Of Cakes On Christmas


The custom of Christmas cake originated from English customs. During early times people fasted on Christmas eve and ate plum porridge to break the fast. Later they added dry fruits, spices, and honey to the porridge. This is how the porridge evolved into Christmas pudding. In the 16th century, people replaced oatmeal from the original pudding recipe and added butter, wheat flour, and eggs.

The addition of these ingredients gave consistency to the concoction, and it resulted in giving boiled plum cake. Wealthy households started preparing fruit desserts in ovens. Using seasonal winter fruits and spices, they made similar desserts on Christmas.

In the 18th century, Christmas began to be celebrated worldwide. The ‘cake’ was then introduced as a sweet delicacy to celebrate Christmas Day. Designing cakes began in the 1870s by Victorian-era bakers.

This is how cakes and designing cakes came into existence. Now let’s see some cake design ideas that you can get from the online shops for Christmas this year.  There are a few online stores like FlowerAura cakes and gifts that are active in many parts of the country and provide quality services.

Trendy Cake Design Ideas For Your Christmas Party

1] Knitted Mittens Christmas Cakes


These Knitted mittens are made with fondant. Fondants are rolled out and made into thin strings. They are later given the shape of a mitten that looks like it’s knitted. It is then put on the top of our cake. If you don’t want fondant cakes, icing creams are always an option. You can custom order this cake from online stores, which will save you time.

2] Fondant Frosty Cake


This is another fondant design cake that can be ordered for this Christmas. Fondants are rolled into small balls to make the topping of fondant frosty cake. These balls are then turned into snowmen and kept on the cake. This is perfect for a snow-themed Christmas party. This will get the guests as well, as you will be smitten with its super cute appearance.

3] The Wreath Cake


Up till now, wreaths were seen hanging on doors, windows, and Christmas trees. Get a wreath-inspired cake for your Christmas party. This gives the cake a traditional look because the wreath has existed for a long time. This cake is a tall tiered cake with a wreath on the top of the cake and the baubles hanging on the sides around the cake.

4] Christmas Croquembouche Cake


Do you like tall overloaded cakes? Croquembouche cakes are classic cakes with exotic touch added to them. The base of the cake is a round classic, with its top in the shape of a Christmas tree. The top of the cake is loaded with doughnuts, pine cones, stars, and all decorative tree items that are edible. For the fastest delivery of this out-of-the-world customized cake, you can explore online sites for cakes, flowers and gifts and a few others things.

5] Horny Rudolf Christmas Cake


Rudolf has a special significance at Christmas. It is believed that mythologically Rudolph is a revolutionary figurehead. He brings a new, better Christmas in town and also Jesus. Get a reindeer shape this Christmas with cocoa-flavored cake, long golden horns, and a strawberry/cherry red nose. This cake fascinates the kids the most. If it’s your childhood fantasy, too, make it come true.

6] Pandoro Christmas Tree Cake


To give your Christmas party that traditional Italian touch, Pandoro cake is an absolute stunner. It is swift to put a pandoro Christmas tree cake together. This cake is made with white chocolates and pistachios. It is a minimalist cake to order at Christmas, and yet, as a centerpiece, it looks stunning.

7] Colour Boost Christmas Cake


A classic red-green Christmas can never is out of trend. Red and green are basic colors seen during Christmas. Order a vanilla or any other flavor of cake with red and green cream covering. It’s simple and yet the most loveable and most ordered cake of this festive. You can also get the Christmas cake by using cake delivery App.



We all love the traditional theme for cake decoration but it is fun to try out other cake decorations too. We’ve compiled here some unique Christmas cake decoration ideas that you can consider using. There are many other themes available that you can ask for recommendations from the store you are ordering a cake. Online stores and sites offer the fastest deliveries, and they have the best results for customer satisfaction.

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