LED Lighting

Your Ultimate Guide To LED Lighting

There are now many options for LED light bulbs, thanks to the rapid growth. We’ve compiled the best LED light bulb guide to help you make your choice.

Home Lighting

Lighting is now more than just a utility. LED technology makes lighting a conscious design choice. You can make your lighting as fashionable as the rest of your home with a variety of led lighting solutions, including vintage-effect LED light bulbs and LED strip lights.

Hallway Lights

Although hallways are often overlooked in a house they are also one of the most crucial. The hallway is the most important room in a building. It’s often the first thing you see when you enter.

The type of LED lighting that you choose will depend on the amount of traffic in your hallway and what purpose it is used for. For example, if the hallway is a hub of activity, such as when you are walking out of the home with your family, you will need a bright, white light that allows you to see what you are doing. Avoid low-hanging pendants or chandeliers in these situations. They are too costly and can cause damage to bulbs and bumps. An LED downlight will give you a bright, crisp light that is hidden in the ceiling. This will prevent any knocks.

You have more options if your home has a long hallway or reception area. You can add style to any space with modern drop pendants or traditional chandelier-style fittings. Warmer white light bulbs will create a cozy atmosphere as soon as you enter the room. A decorative LED candle can be used to enhance the elegance of a light fixture with exposed bulbs.

Stair Lights

Avoid low-hanging light fittings for staircases or landings. If they are too low, they can cause a person to fall off-balance. If you have the option of installing recessed lighting, a set of downlights that run up the stairs can provide a discreet, safe source of lighting. If stair case is not too narrow, wall lights can also be an option. These types of fixtures are best suited for smaller light bulbs such as LED candles or golf balls.

You can make your staircases more interesting by adding LED strip lights to the edges. You can add warm white or colored fairy lights to banisters during festive times or other celebrations.

Garage Lighting

You might use your garage as storage for your car. If so, you may know how frustrating it is to search through boxes in the dark for what you need. Bright LED lighting makes it so easy. You might have limitations on what fittings you can fit, so make sure to search for cool white light bulbs and fittings that are high in lumens. Surface-mounted LED lights can be fitted if you have the space. They are bright and have a wide beam angle so they can illuminate large areas. There are motion-sensitive lights available, so there’s no need to reach for the light switch in the dark.

You can also use a battery-powered, LED work light to illuminate your garage if it isn’t connected to the mains. These lights are bright and portable and can be left outside in dry conditions.

Garden Lighting

There are many options for LED lighting that can be used in gardens and other outdoor areas. Finding the right garden lighting for you is as simple as determining your needs. Solar LED lighting is a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easy-to-maintain option for decorative lighting. To create a warm and welcoming environment, solar spike lights can be inserted into the ground along garden paths or in flowerbeds. IP-rated fairy lights can also be strung along fences and around trees to make your garden a cozy haven. Wireless lanterns can be used to light up your garden and provide entertainment.

Industrial Lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for workers’ safety and health in commercial spaces that have heavy machinery or goods. High-output lighting is essential for factories and warehouses which can often be large open spaces. This is where LED lighting excels. It offers the same brightness and uses a fraction of traditional lighting but it consumes a fraction of energy.

Office/Reception Lighting

When installing LED lighting in a reception area, it is important to make visitors feel at ease. While warm white lighting can be welcoming, it is less effective at stimulating a lively environment. Cool white lighting that has a broad beam angle (up to 100deg) is a good compromise. The glare won’t be too distracting, but it will still shine brightly. An LED light fitting that is mounted on the surface of a room can add style to the space.

For general lighting purposes, a rule of thumb is to allow 20 lumens for every square foot. For task lighting, you should aim for between 40-50 lumens/square foot. A 200-square-foot office would require around 4000 lumens to adequately illuminate. This is roughly equivalent to four 13-watt downlights or two high-output LED panels. However, decor and furnishings can affect the perception of brightness in a room. Therefore, rooms with darker finishes may have different results than those with all-white spaces.

Warehouse Lighting

High bay LED lights are one of the most efficient and brightest ways to illuminate large commercial spaces such as warehouses. These lights are ideal for high ceilings and have wide beam angles that can light large areas at once. For manual picking warehouses, 50 lumens should be sufficient. However, for automated picking warehouses, less light may be enough. Warehouse operatives and engineers who work in such a space will still require enough light.

Lighting For A Construction Site

Rechargeable work lights and side lights are essential for maintaining a smooth operation of a construction site during low light conditions. These lights are portable, which is the greatest benefit. These lights are portable and easy to move around. Most work lights use either Specialist 110v GLS or 2D light bulbs.

Lighting For Loading Bays

Warehouse loading bays need to be well-lit inside and outside. This will ensure the safety of workers as heavy goods and vehicles are being moved into and out of the warehouse. External floodlights are bright and efficient, but they can be distracting to drivers who back their cars into the bay. These lights should be pointed downwards towards the loading dock floor if they are being used.

Bulkheads with LEDs are a viable alternative. They have a wider beam angle and can be fitted with integrated diffusers that soften the light. These bulkheads can be mounted on the surface and are ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting. For indoor lighting, you can also use LED high-beam lights to create bright light with a suitable beam angle.

Yard/Car Park Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for ensuring the safety and security of customers, employees, and visitors. It is crucial to ensure that all areas are well-lit at all times, as expensive equipment and car parks are prime targets for criminals.

You can find an LED direct alternative to the powerful halogen floodlights that are used in car parks. These are a great way to save energy as they only use a fraction of the power and still provide the same brightness as halogen lights. To maximize coverage and minimize shadows, place lights in a way that eliminates shadows. If you are installing large external lights, light pollution can cause problems. Consult your local authorities to ensure that they have the proper guidelines.

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