Why the World’s Best Piano Maker Doesn’t Make Digital Pianos

Blog Introduction: Steinway & Sons is widely known as one of the world’s leading makers of acoustic pianos. For over 150 years, musicians have relied on Steinway for their superior craftsmanship and hand-crafted beauty. But does Steinway make digital pianos? In short, no—but let’s take a closer look at why that is.


Steinway’s commitment to quality has been their hallmark since they first opened their doors in 1853. They have always prided themselves on their handmade processes and the fact that each instrument is unique and special. To this day, Steinway has remained committed to its craftsmanship by relying on traditional methods to create its highly-regarded acoustic instruments.


Another major factor that led to the decision not to make digital pianos is cost. While many other piano makers have released digital versions of their products in recent years, including Yamaha and Kawai, these models come with a steep price tag due to the cost of technology involved in producing them. By not entering this market, Steinway has been able to continue offering high-quality instruments at more affordable prices than other manufacturers who have gone digital.


Finally, it’s worth noting that there are already numerous excellent options for those looking for a digital piano experience—and many of these companies are producing top-notch instruments at much lower price points than what would be required for a Steinway-branded model. As such, there doesn’t seem to be much incentive for the company to enter this market and potentially risk diluting the quality associated with its brand name by offering an inferior product at a higher price point.

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While many companies have embraced technology and released digital versions of their products in recent years, one company that hasn’t jumped on board yet is Steinway & Sons, who remain committed to producing only acoustic instruments made using traditional methods—no doubt because they feel it produces superior results than what would be possible if they were to go digital. While some may lament not being able to purchase a digital model from the world’s best piano maker, it’s clear why they’ve chosen not to do so—cost considerations aside—as it would likely hurt both their reputation and bottom line in the long run. All things considered, it’s probably best that we just appreciate what we can get from them today and respect their commitment to traditional production methods!

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