Popular Vape Kit Devices – Some of the Most Popular Devices Available

Are you thinking about buying a vape kit from your local vape shop, but don’t know which one to get?

Today we will discuss the best vape kits on the market. 

These devices come in many colours, shapes, sizes, and flavours. 

Small and mighty

Some devices are small in shape or size, like the Caliburn A2. 

This device is available in 6 colours and is shorter than other vape pens. 

It has a dual firing activation option, allowing you the choice of holding the button to fire it up or simply draw from the mouthpiece. 

It can be charged to 90% in just 35 minutes, has anti-leak technology, and a simple C type charger.

A palm sized device is the Vaperesso Luxe Q. 

The Luxe Q is impressive and unique, lightweight and able to be discreetly stored away. 

It is well known for the way it delivers the nicotine e-juice through its internal design. 

With an adjustable airflow, anti-sweat/smudge properties, better grip, faux leather finish, extended battery life, and transparent pod, this device is a top seller. 

Odd shaped

If having a uniquely shaped device intrigues you, you will want to buy the VooPoo Argus P1 20W Pod Kit.

It is squarish, with a mouthpiece that only covers half of the top of it. 

This device is made of half metal and half transparent with a futuristic design. 

There is a built-in battery that can fast charge in 15 minutes, uses a C type charger, and has an intelligent GENE chip. 

It is filled with technology in the atomiser, has a sideway air flow adjuster, easy side filling pod, and leak proof design — giving you a smooth and controllable device. 


A refillable device is great for most people who vape — regardless of your experience level. 

One of the best devices is the Caliburn A2S pod vape kit. 

This device comes in 6 colours, is new and improved, plus since it has no off-/on button, it is harder to accidentally turn on. 

It is a simple device to use — just draw on the device to begin the process. 

There is an animated LED light in the shape of the logo, has a replaceable pod, 1.2 Ohm coil, and it charges in around 30 minutes. 

Another great refillable device is the innovative Vaporesso Xros 2.

This device features an adjustable airflow, smooth and pleasant vaping experience, charges in 45 minutes, can be activated by drawing or using the fire button, and an LED indicator to tell the battery life left. 

It has a stainless steel finish, Axon chip, and a clear pod — allowing you to see e-juice levels. 

Whether you choose a small, palm size, or refillable device, you are sure to find a great device that will deliver quality flavour and experience. 

Whatever you choose, as a beginner, it is recommended to find a simple, plain e-juice until you adjust to the process and feel of vaping. 

Take a trip to your local speciality vape shop today to find your perfect device and all the supplies you need.


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