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Hardwood floors look elegant and add a lot of value to your house. No material or product can match the beauty, warmth, and elegance of rich and natural wood. Wooden floors are durable and high quality. They not only look good but retain for a long time. No matter what the product is, nothing is indestructible and invincible. Even the wooden floors will face damage and suffers. They will wear and tear with time. The only thing you can do is maintain it if you want it to work for a lifetime. Remember that not all damages are equal. Some can be taken care of assuredly, while some are so severe that they need instant attention and refinishing. If you suspect your floor is creaking or damaged, pay attention before it worsens. Don’t let it go to a point where it needs replacement and repair. The problem is that individuals don’t know when is the right time to refinish the floor. You must identify that your ground has passed the maintenance and cleaning phase. It now needs to be refinished. The Vintage Flooring Company is the best hardwood flooring company in Chicago. They have provided a few conditions that tell you to identify the issues to refinish your hardwood floor. 

Water Damage

Hardwood floors are durable but not invincible. Water can damage your wooden floor easily. Believe it or not, only a small amount of water is enough to damage the floor. Although, the hardwood flooring company offer water-resistant floors. In case the water has stood on it for a long time, you need to dry the water from the floor immediately. Severe water damage can end up in buckling, warping and cupping. If your floor is only stained, you can clean and refinish it. The sooner you will identify the issue, the lesser will be the damage, and you will save a lot of money.


If you have installed a wooden floor, it’s common that it will develop scratches over time. Some wooden floors have light scratches in a hidden areas. You don’t have to stress yourself about that. If the scratches are a part of the stain, the floor wouldn’t need a repair. If you suspect that the scratches have gone deeper into the wood, it is time to do refinishing. These deep scratches allow water to enter and cause more damage than expected. Some people paint on the scratches, but that doesn’t work. The colour of your wood will change and will make the scratch obvious. 

Chipping and Gouges

In homes where there are children and pets, the scratches can develop with time. Gauges, great chips and scratches provide a getaway for water. Be vigilant, and don’t let water near your wooden floor. Maintain it regularly to avoid scratches and problems. Hardwood floors company says that the splintering of wood can be hazardous for everyone in your family. 

Graying of Wood

If you see that your wooden floor is changing colour and turning gray, It’s time to refinish it. The gray colour is a sign of water damage which means the polyurethane is wearing off. The gray colour means that the wood has started to oxidize, and it will get dark if you don’t pay attention to it. Avoid serious damage by hiring a custom flooring company in Chicago and getting them to fix your grayish floor.

Excess Staining

With scratches, staining automatically comes on wooden floors. Although, it is not possible to prevent staining and scratches. All you can do is keep cleaning and maintaining the floor. If you see that the staining is increasing, you must get refinishing done. You can use cleaning products suggested by a hardwood floors company to clean your floor, but if the stains are too heavy, remove them with sand and refinish them. 

Sun Damage

By now you must be thinking that only water can damage the wooden floor. However, sunlight can also damage the floor. Many of us love sunlight entering our rooms and making them look cozy but direct sunlight can change the colour of your wood. Your floor will become washed out and faded. If your floor has also faded, you must get refinishing done to bring it back to its original colour and form. 

Worn out wood

Too much traffic on your wooden floor can make it look worn out. If you notice the fading of wood, it’s time to get refinishing done. If you won’t address the stains, it will be more dangerous for your floor. You will see this wear and tear in hallways and doorways. Don’t move heavy furniture like tables and chairs on the wooden floor. It will get severely damaged. 

Even if your floor seems in a good condition, you must regularly check the seal coat and ensure that it’s intact and keep the barrier between the floor and water. Hardwood flooring company suggests testing this theory by putting a tablespoon of water on the floor. If the water accumulates in a pool form, it means that the seal is in place and the floor is safe. If it seeps into the floor, it will need refinishing. 

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