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How to replace your car sunroof in three easy steps

Replacing a car sunroof is a job that many car owners dread, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting or overwhelming task. With the correct tools, a bit of patience, and the know-how, you can effectively replace your car sunroof in just three simple steps. In this blog post, we provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how to replace your car sunroof in the most efficient way possible. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Remove the old sunroof

Install the new sunroof

Test the new sunroof


Remove the old sunroof

It almost goes without saying, but before you can install a new sunroof, you need to remove the old one! Start by removing any trim pieces that are covering the sunroof, such as the trim panels or door frames. After those pieces are out of the way, find where the bolts and screws are that are holding the sunroof in place. 

Carefully unscrew these bolts and remove the sunroof from your vehicle. You might need to use a pry bar or crowbar to assist you in removing the sunroof if it is stuck in place. Once the former sunroof is properly removed, set it aside and prepare to attach your new sunroof.

Install the new sunroof

Now that you have safely removed the old sunroof, you can move onto installing the new one. To begin, carefully unpack the new sunroof and check the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

After familiarizing yourself with these instructions, carefully attach the new sunroof in its place on the roof of your car. Use a sealant to ensure that the sunroof is secured snugly in the correct place. You may want to use a caulking gun to ensure that you evenly apply the sealant.

Finally, secure the sunroof in place by firmly attaching any bolts or screws that come with it. Make sure you use the proper tools for this step so that everything is properly tightened. Once this step is successfully completed, you can proceed to testing the new sunroof.

Test the new sunroof

Now that you’ve secured your new sunroof in the correct spot, you can test that everything is working correctly. You may do so by operating the sunroof manually. Make sure the tracks are properly aligned and that the mechanism is fully lubricated before testing.

Start by opening and closing the sunroof manually, making sure that the tracks are running smoothly and that the glass opens and closes with ease. If everything is working correctly, you can then try operating the sunroof electronically.

Turn on your car and then use the control buttons or switch to open and close the sunroof. It should open and close smoothly and without any issues. If you hear any unusual noise or have some difficulty in opening and closing, then you might need to make adjustments or perform further maintenance.

Finally, check for water leaks by running a garden hose over the sunroof for a few minutes. If water seeps or drips into the cabin of your vehicle, you should adjust the seals or inspect for damage.

If you’ve followed these steps and everything is working correctly, you can now enjoy your newly replaced car sunroof!


Although replacing a car sunroof might seem intimidating, it’s actually quite straightforward when broken down into easy steps. In this post, we’ve walked you through the simple process of replacing your sunroof in three easy steps. You’ll be driving with your brand new sunroof in no time!

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