How to Choose the Right Size Cheef Terp Slurper Banger for Your Rig?

Are you looking for the perfect terp slurper banger to take your dabbing experience to a whole new level? Not sure where to start when it comes to finding the perfect size banger for your rig? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll break down exactly how Cheef Terps’s innovative Slurper Bangers work and what sizing options are available for ensuring an optimal dab every time. From quartz composition tips to 10 mm or 16 mm joint sizes, we’ll explain all of the considerations that go into creating flawless dabs with these incredible new-age tools. Read on and never worry about choosing the wrong size completely ruining your vaping experience again!

How  do Cheef terp slurper banger work?

Cheef Terp Slurper bangers are specially crafted dabbing tools that feature a unique design and construction to help you get the most out of every dab. The key component of this innovative tool is its quartz composition tip, which ensures maximum heat retention and even distribution. This helps ensure that your dab maintains an ideal flavor profile with no burnt or bitter notes. Additionally, the quartz tip helps create an optimal dabbing environment by providing consistent and even vaporization. Finally, these bangers feature extra-wide buckets that can provide plenty of room for dab dabbers to work with for bigger dab sizes.

The benefits of Cheef terp slurper banger

Are you looking for a dabbing experience like no other? If so, look no further than the revolutionary terp slurper banger from Cheef. This patented design has been crafted with the dabber in mind and offers superior flavor, increased airflow, and a hassle-free cleaning process. Let’s dive into five reasons why you should give this innovative banger a try.

1. Superior flavor – One of the primary advantages of using a terp slurper banger is that it allows you to experience superior flavor with each dab. The reason for this is that the large hole at the bottom of the banger acts as an air intake, allowing more oxygen to mix with your concentrate and creating bigger, tastier clouds. Plus, it also helps reduce residual heat buildup which can degrade your concentrate’s flavor over time.

2. Increased airflow – The air intake at the bottom of the terp slurper banger greatly increases airflow and allows for larger vapor clouds with each hit. The increased airflow also helps cool down your vapor which results in smoother hits that won’t put a strain on your lungs or throat.

3. Easy cleaning – A traditional quartz banger can be a pain to clean due to its small hole size and complex shape. However, the terp slurper banger’s conical shape and large hole make it much easier to clean without any need for specialized tools or techniques. Simply use some rubbing alcohol or warm water and it will be looking good as new in no time!

4. Affordable price tag – Despite all its advantages, the Cheef terp slurper banger still comes at an affordable price point compared to similar products on the market today making it a great option if you’re looking for quality without breaking your budget.

5. Heat retention – In addition to providing better flavor and increased airflow, this unique design also provides excellent heat retention which means you don’t need to wait very long between dabs in order to get optimal performance out of your concentrate. This makes Cheef’s terp slurper banger perfect for those who want consistent performance throughout their dabbing session without having to constantly re-heat their quartz nail or bowl piece after every hit!

How to choose the right size of dab rig kit?

When it comes to dab rigs, size matters. Different dab rigs are designed for different dabbing needs, so it’s important to choose one that is the right size for your setup. Generally, dab rigs come in three sizes – mini, mid-size, and large. Mini dab rigs are good for those who don’t dab regularly or need something compact and discreet. Mid-size dab rigs are good for dabbing enthusiasts who dab several times a week. And large dab rigs are best for those who dab frequently and need a lot of surface area to evenly heat their concentrates.

So, before you purchase a dab rig kit, make sure you consider its size and design, as this will ensure you get the dabbing experience you’re looking for.

Cheef terp slurper banger sizing options

At Cheef Kit, we offer two different sizes of dab rigs for dabbing enthusiasts – 10mm dab rigs and 16mm dab rigs. Our 10mm dab rigs are perfect for dabbing on the go, while our 16mm dab rigs provide a larger dabbing surface area and better airflow. Both of these dab rigs come with our innovative Slurper Bangers, which allow you to evenly heat concentrates in just seconds. Plus, they’re made from high-grade quartz that ensures maximum flavor and vapor production.

So, if you’re looking for dab rig kits that come with Slurper Bangers in the perfect size for your dabbing needs, look no further than Cheef Kit! Our dab kits provide everything you need to have an incredible dabbing experience. Plus, they also come with essential accessories like dabbing tools, dab mats, and dab containers. So, take your dabbing game to the next level with Cheef Kit!


The Cheef Terp Slurper Banger is an innovative design that offers superior flavor, increased airflow, easy cleaning, an affordable price tag, and excellent heat retention—allowing dabbers everywhere to experience a dabbing session like no other! Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced enthusiast looking for something new to try out, this patented product from Cheef is sure to provide a top-notch experience every time you take a hit! Plus, with its simple yet reliable construction and affordable price tag there really isn’t much reason not to give it a try! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and enjoy smooth vapor clouds full of flavor with every inhale!

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