How much does it cost to make a Flutter application?

Cross-platform initiatives are gradually replacing the creation of native apps. The cross-platform strategy saves a lot more time and money. Lately, performance has been the primary benefit of native apps. One of them is Flutter, which is a Google open-source mobile SDK. A business can easily hire Flutter developers for rapid and inexpensive development.

Flutter has continued to grow, and over 45 percent of the global app development community trust Flutter. Flutter developers use a single codebase to create native-looking iOS and Android apps using the open-source mobile SDK known as Flutter. Flutter is one of the best platforms for building cross-platform apps and has many advantages for companies. So, investing in developing mobile apps utilizing Flutter is a wise choice.

It is merely a preliminary estimate based on specific development standards. One may consult a reputable Flutter app development company that can perform market analysis and offer a precise quotation.

What factors into the price of creating a Flutter app?

  • Application size and scope

The size of an app affects how long it takes to develop, test, and release it. Every app goes into three categories based on the quantity and intricacy of its features. Complex apps require more planning and work and more time during development.

Moreover, developers should devote more effort to feature development and design. Login features do not require much effort, but adding video conferencing or messaging to a Flutter app may cost money. Still, more time is needed for features related to AR and ML.

The project’s defined scope of work determines the price range for creating Flutter apps. A simple Flutter app can cost $25,000 to $60,000, taking around two months. A Flutter app with medium to complex features can cost from $60,000 to $120,000, which can take around three to six months. A highly complex Flutter app can cost about $120,000 or more, taking about seven to fifteen months. 

  • Application design

A complex design is one of the most critical elements for any application to succeed. Hire Flutter developers to produce logical and flowing apps. A user-friendly and appealing design increases the likelihood that they may develop a close relationship with the app.

The design portion of the development budget may consume up to 20 percent of the total if an app involves interactive components. Design can include animations, illustrations, UI visuals, and other interactive elements. The cost can roughly range from $500 to $10,000. These components are particularly crucial for e-learning, gaming, and health apps.

  • Developer location

When creating apps with quality features, a flutter app development company can do miracles for a business application. Based on the developers’ location, the cost to construct a Flutter app may differ dramatically.

Depending on their experience level, US Flutter developers can charge an average of $75 to $120 per hour. The cost is obtained by multiplying it by the number of hours the project would require to develop. Likewise, the hourly rates of Flutter developers differ significantly from region to region. 

  • Release on Android and Apple marketplace 

The obvious step after developing the Flutter app is to release it for purchase. The two most popular deployment platforms worldwide are the Play Store and the App Store. Nonetheless, these platforms impose fair fees for the distribution of apps.

Google Play Store on Android charges a one-time fee of $25. Apple App Store charges $99 as an annual fee. Additionally, each in-app purchase the application makes is subject to a 30 percent share fee from each marketplace.

  • Application maintenance and updates

It is essential to hire Flutter developers who developed the intended application. They have been working on the project since the start and are familiar with its code. If that is not possible, ensure the application has thorough documentation. It can speed up development and make other developers’ lives easier.

Application maintenance charges increase during the app. The maintenance cost typically includes 15 to 20 percent of the cost of developing a Flutter app. But one has to spend more money on updates the more extended the app has a consistent user base. Yet, the app is a worthwhile investment as long as it creates more profits than losses.


Based on the organizational requirements and technical infrastructure, the price of a mobile application is determined accordingly. Conversely, Flutter creates fantastic prospects for app creation at cheaper costs and with minimal effort.

The total cost of developing a Flutter app for mobile devices depends on many variables, including the complexity of the application, the number of features it includes, and the hardware architecture, design, and development. Depending on the above factors and the project’s needs, Flutter for app development could cost anywhere from $25,000 to $120,000. 


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