MicroLOGIX is an engineering, design, and manufacturing company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. It was established in 1997. Our top-notch Micrologix product in the USA and services enable customers to take advantage of market possibilities and acquire a competitive advantage by 

  • designing items based on consumer requirements
  • launching their product as soon as possible
  • being economical without compromising quality
  • Manage Manufacturing Stage Challenges

Modern machines are available in our manufacturing plant to do the following tasks:

  • PCB Assembly: SMD Assembly with Pick & Put / Chip Shooter, Automated Solder Paste Printer, Reflow Ovens, and Wave Soldering Machines. We assist with the construction of modern BGA and QFN Packages with AOI and X-Ray Inspection with up to 24 Layers Boards.
  • Wiring Harness
  • Support for Enclosures: Sheet Metal, Aluminum, and Plastic Components Fabrication and assembly
  • Combining all the components for a finished Micrologix product in the USA is known as “box construction.”


Keysight products in the USA have sub-nanometer positioning sub-assemblies, integrated circuit parametric testers, printed circuit board assembly testers, and test and measurement hardware. The business provides technical assistance, product support, training, and consulting services.

Throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific Region, Keysight Technologies, Inc. offers electronic development and test solutions to the creating marketing, broadband, aircraft, defense and government, automotive, energy, semiconductors, electronics, and educational sectors. Its Information and communication Provides 



  • Micrologix 1200: 

Micrologix 1200 is one of the MicroLogix products in the USA that are regarded as the best. The Micrologix 1200 is fully equipped with options and features created for a variety of applications.

They are offered in variations with a 24 or 40-point greater I/O count. Expand by including more I/O modules. More application versatility, lower cost scaling, larger control systems, and smaller part inventories are all made possible.


The following are the main characteristics and advantages of Micrologic’s USA-made Micrologix controllers 1200:

  • Two inbuilt 3/4 turn analog trim potentiometers with digital outputs (range 0-250) are incorporated to allow for rapid and simple switching between timers, counters, setpoints, and other devices.
  • Data file download encryption allows applications to be reinstalled on controllers without overwriting secure data.
  • Memory backups provide data and portable program security. To handle time/date planning applications, a real-time clock can be configured to synchronize with a separate factor.
  • Micrologix 1500: 

Because of their high quality and essential features, MicroLogix products in the USA are regarded as the best in the automation industry. With the aid of Micrologix 1500 controllers, you may easily reach your destination and uncover new opportunities. 

It can handle a wide range of applications that generally require larger, more expensive controllers. MicroLogix 1500, a base unit with embedded I/O and a replaceable CPU, is improved and expanded with 1769 Compact I/O, packing all the best characteristics of a flexible system into a small, portable package.

Features and advantages:

  • up to 512 I/O points or more
  • His replaceable, finger-safe terminal block is designed in the NEMA manner.
  • Up to 14KB of onboard non-volatile user memory can support complex application programs.
  • A 1K User application typically scans in less than 1 ms.
  • There are up to 16 Compact I/O modules supplied, and a wide range of applications are supported.

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators:

Keysight’s products in the USA AWGs, which deliver high resolution and wide bandwidth at the same time, offer more accuracy. With this special combination and our flexible form factors, you might create signal circumstances that push the boundaries of your design and give your research a new angle.

For the most difficult situations, the M8100 series offers good alternatives to AWG with sampling rates of up to 256 GSa/s on four channels consecutively. By collecting bits and capacity, you can extend your existence.

Advantages and features of AWGs

Arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) unique Keysight products in the USA have the following features and advantages:

  • They were giving the device under test (DUT) the appropriate stimuli and watching for the behavior that emerged, which is required for testing an electronic system.
  • While some impulses come from the environment outside, most signals must be provided by the appropriate equipment.
  • These sources can generate a variety of stimuli, making it possible to establish and confirm the DUT’s functional capability.
  • Any signal can be generated by an AWG, providing the optimal client solution.
  • Digital Multimeters: 

The Keysight Digital Multimeters are available in a wide variety of series from Gap Wireless. all versions, include benchtop, system, modular, and portable. These devices have 4 to 8 1/2 digits and can read up to 100,000 readings per second. With market-leading digital multimeters that assist you in achieving more, you can:

  • Offering insights beyond numbers using trend charts and histograms on a graphical display, increases productivity.
  • With unparalleled measurement precision up to 4 ppm, deliver the finest performance products your consumers can trust.
  • Using BenchVue or the Handheld Meter Logger software, automate and record test data without programming.
  •  DCA-M

The DCA-M is a keysight products in the USA as well as the best option for both manufacturing and RND applications because it has single to quad optical AND electrical channels in a small form factor. Use the calibrated reference receivers with low noise and high sensitivity to analyze both single-mode and multi-mode signals. 

  • Whether you’re analyzing electrical or optical devices, the range of models, support software, and compliance applications ensure that you can measure with extreme precision.


Evaluate a variety of data rates, up to and including 64 GBaud (1 Gb/s).

Electrical channels with a bandwidth of up to 50 GHz are available.

Intrinsic jitter characteristics as low as 160 fs RMS


Ge Equipment is all you need to search and wish to get the best company product at less or more reasonable prices because there are many Micrologix products available in the USA as well as Keysight products in the USA. Yet, ensuring that the Micrologix items are functioning properly is a challenging task. 



Is Keysight listed among the Fortune 500?

(NYSE: KEYS), a well-known technology provider of cutting-edge design and validation solutions that speed up innovation to connect and safeguard the globe, was ranked number 46 on Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2022.

Does Keysight work with semiconductors?

Being a pioneer in semiconductor test and measurement solutions, we are aware that you require the most recent developments in optical scanning inspection and high-speed, high-accuracy probe technology. 

Has MicroLogix been discontinued?

The Bulletin 1763 MicroLogixTM 1100 controllers are no longer in production and will not be sold beyond April 2022. Almost 2 million MicroLogix 1100 controllers have been diligently serving all around the world for many years as a mainstay of the Rockwell Automation controller lineup.


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