Invisalign in Templestowe

Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign in Templestowe

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that has transformed the way people straighten their teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are made of clear, comfortable plastic that is virtually invisible, making them a popular choice for adults and teenagers who want to improve their smiles without the appearance of metal brackets and wires. If you’re considering Invisalign Templestowe, here’s everything you need to know about this innovative treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth. The aligners are custom-made for your teeth and are changed every two weeks to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. Invisalign can be used to treat a wide range of dental problems, including crowded teeth, gapped teeth, and bite issues such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign treatment starts with a consultation with an Invisalign provider in Templestowe. During this consultation, your dentist will evaluate your teeth and determine whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you. If you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, your dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth using a scanner. These impressions will be used to create a 3D model of your teeth, which your dentist will use to plan your treatment.

Based on your 3D model, your dentist will create a series of custom-made aligners that are designed to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before switching to the next set in the series. Over time, your teeth will move into the desired position, giving you a straighter, more beautiful smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign is that the aligners are virtually invisible. This means that you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing that you’re wearing braces. In addition, Invisalign aligners are removable, which means that you can take them out to eat, brush your teeth, and floss. This makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are made of smooth, comfortable plastic that won’t irritate your cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces. Invisalign aligners also require fewer office visits than traditional braces, which can be a big advantage for busy adults and teenagers.

Choosing an Invisalign Provider in Templestowe

If you’re considering Invisalign in Templestowe, it’s important to choose an experienced Invisalign provider who can guide you through the treatment process. Look for a provider who has extensive experience with Invisalign and who uses the latest technology to create your aligners. You should also look for a provider who offers personalized care and who is committed to helping you achieve the best possible results.

In addition to choosing the right provider, it’s also important to follow your dentist’s instructions for wearing and caring for your Invisalign aligners. This includes wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours a day, changing them every two weeks, and cleaning them regularly to prevent bacteria buildup.¬† Visit our website –

The Cost of Invisalign

The cost of Invisalign in Templestowe varies depending on the complexity of your case and the length of your treatment. In general, Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces, but many patients find that the benefits of Invisalign outweigh the additional cost. Your dentist can give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of your treatment after evaluating your teeth and developing a treatment plan.


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