Cybersecurity Services of CQR company

The CQR company provides a variety of cybersecurity services, including penetration testing as a service (PTaaS), vulnerability assessment, security audits, and Active Directory audit. Penetration testing is a simulated attack on a company’s infrastructure, network, systems, and software to identify vulnerabilities and assess the security of both external and internal information systems. The goal is to detect all kinds of attack vectors that hackers use to gain unauthorized access and break into computer systems.

CQR’s pen testing services specialties allow you to see your security system through the eyes of a hacker, and you will be fully prepared to prevent a real hacker attack. Without regular pen testing, a company may be exposed to various risks, including direct financial losses, indirect financial losses, reputational losses, and more.

CQR’s PTaaS includes six steps, including initiation, reconnaissance and OSINT, threat modeling, exploitation, risk analysis and recommendations, and reporting. The company offers three types of pen testing: white box, black box, and gray box. They also provide external and internal penetration testing services, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot testing.

CQR uses its own development, the CryEye platform, for all their projects. CryEye is a complete, automated, and multifunctional platform for managing projects and finding all possible technical vulnerabilities in them. By following integrated methodologies, Cryeye covers all potential vulnerabilities that can be detected automatically, which saves time for specialists, allowing them to focus more on finding more complex vulnerabilities through manual analysis.

In addition to PTaaS, CQR offers other services, including blue team, red team, and other cybersecurity services. They have a wiki and a blog on their website, where customers can learn more about cybersecurity and the services they offer. CQR also provides contact information for their offices in different countries and a form to order their services.

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