5 Sinful Indian Desserts You Must Try at an Indian Restaurant in Canberra

Indian cuisine offers a plethora of culinary masterpieces, including its renowned spice-laden curries and Indian bread. However, one aspect that often goes unnoticed but truly deserves attention is the realm of Indian desserts. Indian sweets and desserts are known for their unique presentation, cooking style, and ingredients. It can be rightly said that an Indian meal is incomplete without a generous serving of sweets or desserts. Moreover, alongside the familiar traditional sweets, Indian cuisine has successfully crafted innovative fusion desserts, which can be savoured at the best Indian restaurant in Canberra- Dosa Hut. 

Be it a happy occasion or a festival, sweets and desserts are a big part of the Indian food palate. The rising popularity of Indian food has led to the introduction of Indian sweets and desserts at most Indian restaurants in Canberra. Even the best restaurant in Canberra for Indian food now has Indian desserts on its menu! 

Indian desserts possess a unique charm thanks to their special preparation methods and distinctive flavours. While the primary ingredients of milk, sugar, and clarified butter are common in most sweets, it is the variation in colours, sweetness levels, and cooking techniques that sets them apart. Each dessert has its own character, crafted with precision. The result is a diverse range of sweets that cater to different palates and preferences, making Indian desserts truly special. 

Here are 5 remarkable fusion and traditional Indian sweets and desserts that you must not miss at any Indian restaurant in Canberra.

Best Indian Desserts to Try at An Indian Restaurant in Canberra

  • Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the most loved Indian desserts. This sweet dish consists of fried dough balls soaked in a sugary syrup. Known to have originated in Persia, Gulab Jamun is now globally famous for its unique texture and taste. The dough balls are made from a mixture of several ingredients such as wheat flour, milk cream, milk solids, and cardamom. These dough balls are deep-fried and then soaked into a warm sugary syrup. This syrup makes the dough balls soft and sweet. The flavourful aroma coupled with the softness of the dough balls with the right amount of sweetness is all you need to end your meal.

  • Ras Malai

Made from cottage cheese, milk, and flour, Ras Malai is a classic Indian dessert that consists of spongy discs and sweet thickened flavoured milk. The discs are dipped into the creamy and sweetened milk, giving the dish its flavour.  Preparing this dish involves a tricky process of reducing the milk to obtain the cream which gives the dish its mouth-watering texture. Garnished with sliced almonds, saffron or pistachios, Ras Malai is a treat for all sweet lovers.  Best served cold or at room temperature, Ras Malai makes for a perfect summer treat! Try Ras Malai at Dosa Hut, the best restaurant in Canberra that serves authentic and fusion Indian food. 

  • Chocolate Dosa

Incredibly delicious, Chocolate Dosa is the latest addition to the list of Indian fusion desserts. The crunch of the dosa combined with the goodness of melted chocolate is a treat you cannot miss. In this dish, the crispy dosa is clubbed with chocolate and cashew. The dosa is then topped with icing sugar, chocolate sprinkles, and cashews. This rich and unique combination is sure to impress all chocolate lovers! Head to Dosa Hut- the best Indian restaurant in Canberra that serves scrumptious Chocolate Dosa.

  • Chocolate Dosa with ice-cream

No matter how weird this combination sounds, it sure deserves a place on your foods to try bucket list. Chocolate Dosa with ice cream is another variation that is a highly popular Indian fusion dessert. In this dish, the crispy dosa is made with chocolate sauce and topped with ice-cream! Surprise your tastebuds with the unique crunchy texture of the dosa and creamy ice-cream. 

  • Chocolate and Cashew dosa

The combination of chocolate and cashew is rich in texture and flavour. Dosa being subtle in its taste absorbs the right amount of sweetness from the chocolate and richness from cashews. This makes the dosa even more relishing. The chocolate and cashew dosa has a balanced taste and can be eaten along with meals too.

Well, we are sure you are already eager to try these delectable dishes. Visit Dosa Hut– an Indian restaurant in Canberra with your loved ones and try these fascinating desserts without any guilt! 


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