5 Reasons Businesses Should Use Explainer Videos

As you try to promote your products or services, you have likely heard about explainer videos.

But are they necessary? Can’t you just go ahead and use other promotional techniques? Well, you definitely can, but you’d be risking getting crushed by your competition.

In this article, we uncover explainer videos and 5 unique reasons why you should leverage them for your business:

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short videos, typically about 60-90 seconds long, that explain a business product or concept engagingly. These videos typically use animation since it’s effective at capturing attention and breaking down concepts into smaller, easy-to-digest chunks.

With top-quality video animation services from The Sketch Effect, you can teach your audience about a given product, showcase your company’s culture, and promote your brand, all in one.

Why use explainer videos?

There are lots of reasons to use explainer videos, as explained below:

1. Videos are superior to text

Looking to increase your conversion rates? Going with videos as opposed to using text should be a good idea.

Since about 94% of potential buyers agree that watching videos helps them understand a product more, you’d be fast-tracking their decision-making.

What’s more, watching a video allows consumers to retain more information, for longer than if they were reading text. In truth, your customers should be able to retain about 95% of the message in your videos – that’s a great way to get them to take some action.

2. Your customers are after explainer videos

With the current lifestyle, consumers are looking for an easy way to reach decisions when it comes to product buying. That’s why platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are growing by the day.

A recent GWI GenZ report has shown that approximately 46% of GenZers go to TikTok to learn more about brands and products, while 69% use Instagram.

That means that your customers are actively looking for explainer videos, and you don’t want to deny them that.

3. You’ll not only tell but also paint your story

Mastering storytelling is your best bet if you want to elicit emotional reactions from your buyers. But using an animated explainer video takes your storytelling capabilities to the next level.

With this, it’s easy to create a more vivid and realistic feel for a specific story. That way, you can connect deeper with your audience, and make them take action.

4. Google will reward you

With more than 90% of customers relying on videos to make buying decisions, it’s easy to understand how video content is crucial to search engine ranking.

If you create handy, user-centric videos, your ranking will go up. That, and the great shareability of videos means that your website traffic will grow immensely.

In the end, you’re more likely to increase your sales and margins. That’s how you’ll take your business to the next level.

5. Explainer videos are adaptable

Let’s say you are making a few changes to an existing product that you’ve already made an explainer video for. That’d make the current explainer video inaccurate. But since animated explainer videos are short and flexible, you can easily modify them as you wish.

Add a few extra seconds to explain a new feature, or change the background music to evoke different emotions. Whatever change you want to make, it should be easy to do that and even more.

Besides, it’s easy and cheaper to create animated explainer videos for when you need to change the entire story.

Grow your business with animated explainer videos

With the 5 reasons mentioned above, it’s easy to see how animated explainer videos can set up your business for success.

So if you are looking to grow your business, engage the team at The Sketch Effect for explainer videos that will get your buyers to take the action that you want.

Call us today to learn more, and start your journey to success!

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