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2 Best Timeshare Companies to Swear by, 2023

Timeshare is a unique concept, similar to a lifetime commitment with a liability to pay maintenance and mortgage charges. It’s a compulsion for the timeshare owners to pay these charges until he or she terminates or resale their timeshare property. Initially, it’s a great way to enjoy a stress-free vacation with your loved ones. But after some time, people realize that “timeshare properties are no less than a financial liability.”

Over the period, it becomes challenging for timeshare owners to bear the cost of maintenance charges and mortgage fees. This is why approximately 80% of people regret their purchase and find ways to terminate the contract.

Some of the best timeshare companies includes – Timeshare Compliance, Seaside Consultants Group, Wesley Financial Group, etc., who is safest to work with. Keep reading further to know more about these timeshares exit companies in detail.

2 Timeshare Exit Companies to Swear By  

The following companies are certified, got BBB ratings, and have been in this business for more than 6 years with a maximum success rate. The only thing you will require to brainstorm is – whether the timeshare exit company is living up to your expectation.

  • Wesley Financial Group     

With 95% of success rate, Wesley group is one of those timeshares exit companies which have always been living up to the expectation of their contract owners. This company has a dedicated team of experts who help to terminate the contract and eliminate any financial liability ties to your agreement.

With Wesley Financial Group, the process of contract termination is also straightforward. First, the experts will review your timeshare account, brainstorm the solution, and terminate the contract. For the best results, this timeshare exit company uses the advocate model, which is client-centric. As per this module, a person can eliminate obligations tied to the contract.

Why You Should Hire Wesley financial group   

  • Money-back guarantee
  • 100% refund if unable to help
  • High Dunn & Bradstreet Rating
  • Working since 2012, California, USA
  • 95+ success rate
  • 400+ experienced employees
  • A+ BBB ratings
  1. Timeshare Compliance

In search of the best timeshare exit company that has its advocacy group? You can go for Timeshare compliance. This firm is certified, has BBB ratings, and has been providing services since 2012 in different parts of the USA. This timeshare exit company has a record of solving cases in a lesser period with highest success rate. Even if your case requires assistance on the legal front, timeshare compliance has a good working relationship with attorneys who can help terminate your contract.

The working process of timeshare compliance is quite simple. The team will first analyze whether the client is eligible to terminate then the case is forwarded to the analyst, who prepares a service agreement with the attorney. Over the period, timeshare compliance has earned Trustpilot ratings, which is considered a good sign for any exit company.

Why You Should Hire Timeshare compliance

  • Escrow payments are acceptable
  • Timeshare compliance offers a timeshare calculator; visit their website
  • Advocacy group is available
  • Honoured for “Honors for Ethics”
  • Operational in Spanish, English languages
  • Weekends are operational
  • Claims to provide a satisfaction guarantee
  • Work with finance companies
  • BBB Rated A+


Our article was helpful enough to guide you through one of the best timeshare exit companies in the USA. All these companies got BBB ratings and claimed to provide a 100% refund if they failed to terminate the contract. It’s true that over the period, it becomes difficult to handle the timeshare contracts, so the best idea is to hire an exit company and terminate the agreement legally.

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