All about Coils – a Beginners Guide to One of the Most Important Parts of Your Device

A walk into any specialty vape shop will allow you to see the wide and diverse world of vaping. 

There are so many different devices and vape juice flavours or combinations that it can seem overwhelming to any first time vaper. 

Today we will talk about one of the most important parts of any vape device — the coils or atomiser if you wish.

Read on to learn what they are, how they work, and when to replace them. 

What is a coil?

Coils are often called an atomiser, yet the truth is that an atomiser is the place your coils can be found, typically. 

A coil is a resistance wire shaped as a coil or a resistance mesh made from many strips of wire. 

This mesh or coil contains a wicking material, to make the coil perform its tasks.

The wicking material is typically some form of organic cotton.

Coils come in different types, sizes, and can be different depending on your device and the functionality it is to perform. 


Your coils have a few settings to keep in mind that help them perform properly, and also can have limits. 

To truly understand coils, you have to understand OHMs, wattage, and airflow — knowing functionality types also helps.

The main types of coils are mouth to lung (MTL) coils, direct to lung (DTL) coils, and restricted direct to lung (RDL) coils. 

These coil types determine how the vapour is delivered when you draw on the device, and also come with certain settings preferences. 

Recommended settings should be on the device package or come with the coils — helping prevent damage and lengthen the lifetime of them. 

An MTL coil is typically designed to have a tight airflow and low wattage. 

They are designed for higher nicotine content, a stronger throat hit, and maximum flavour. 

DTL coils typically have a wider bore for maximum airflow. 

They are designed to accommodate high wattages and make bigger clouds.

RDL coils are a median type between the other two. 

They are designed to create intense flavour and bigger clouds, while conserving battery life and e-juice use. 

Maintaining coil health

To keep your coils and device in top condition, there are a few things to remember. 

They are the most frequently replaced part of your device — second to the battery and e-juice.

Coils should be replaced every week or so. 

Some signs they need replaced are a burnt smell or taste, a hard time drawing on your device, or you hear a gurgling sound.

The coils are one of the most important parts of any vape device — second only to the battery and vape juice. 

Coils are little pieces of metal with pieces of cotton, used to wick up vape juice, heat it and turn it into the vapour you inhale.

Your coils need to be replaced every week or to maintain the best health of them and your device. When you go to your local vape shop to pick up your device or e-juice, pick up a pack of coils to save yourself time and money.

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